Proper Rope Care & Safe Use

PROnetic Ropes are built to last, but your rope will require a little care after use to prolong its life.

After use we recommend that you simply wash the rope off with water and hang it to dry. This helps ensure that dirt and other grime does not work its self into the fibers and act as an abrasion.

How to correctly use your PROnetic Recovery Equipment:


Vehicle recovery is a dangerous task involving heavy loads, Please use caution when performing a vehicle recovery, and only use the correctly rated rope in good operating condition.

  1. Verify that your equipment is in good operating condition, and free of any tears, snags, or other damage. Also verify that the rope rating is sufficient for use with the recovery vehicles. We recommend using a rope that is 4 times the gross vehicle weight.
  2. Securely Attach the rope to both Vehicles using proper tow points and either our soft shackle or an adequately rated steel shackle. Proper Recovery Points should be welded or bolted directly to the vehicles frame.
    • Most vehicles have a “tie down” point located under the front or rear bumper, this is not a tow point. Using this point as a tow point may result in Serious damage, injury, or Death.
    • DO NOT attach the strap to your tow hitch ball. They are not rated as tow points, and are known to fail, or cause slippage, that can result in serious injury, damage, or even death.
  3. Ensure that there are no bystanders within 1.5-2x the ropes length. We also recommend opening the stuck vehicles hood, as an additional precaution. While our ropes and winch lines are less prone to “whipping” if broken than steel lines, we have always believed in being as safe as possible during extraction.
  4. Pull out the stuck vehicle. We recommend pulling in a straight line, at speeds under 15mph. Most tow points are rated for straight line pulls, and may not withstand side line pulls potentially causing serious damage or injury.
    • Continue to pull vehicle to solid ground.

** If you are ever in doubt, do not risk it – It is never too late to call for help