Our testing has given us confidence….

The search and rescue team I volunteer for received 2 soft shackles and a kinetic rope, with the instruction of abusing the rope as much as possible and intentionally break it under the most severe recovery situations we could think of. We repeatedly pulled my truck (a Nissan frontier) out of ditches, puddles, snow, mud and could not damage it. We then tried bigger trucks, we even tried using our winches to pull the rope apart. Fortunately it worked as intended every time and we failed in our mission to destroy the rope. Our testing has given us the confidence to keep it in our trailer knowing it will not fail us even under the worst case scenarios. – Matt Montana, USA

That’s not a rope… THIS IS A ROPE!..

I have  a PROnetic Alpine Pro rope and two soft shackles. I have put the rope through its paces here in australia, though since i have an FJ, I don’t get stuck often 🙂  This rope makes me want to get stuck just so i can use it. The sad part is i now have to toss out my old recovery gear as it can’t  compare 🙁 All jokes aside- I love my PROnetic gear and highly recommend them to anyone! – Henry H. Sydney, Australia

High Quality Recovery Items…

I got a kinetic recovery rope and some soft shackles for my son’s recovery kit. These are well constructed, high quality recovery items. These are easily as good or better than any recovery gear I’ve ever used. Highly recommended! – Josh C., USA