PROnetic Limited 3 Year Warranty

PROnetic products have been manufactured under the highest standard of quality and workmanship. PROnetic warrants to the original customer, with proof of purchase, & purchased from an authorized dealer, that its products be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 3 years from the date of purchase, as determined by or subject to applicable law. This Limited 3 Year Warranty is not applicable to damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect, and modification of material or parts. PROnetic’s Limited 3 Year Warranty excludes wear and tear & damage to the factory coatings. Claims pursuant to the above conditions will not be honored.

No other warranties express or implied.

Warranty Claims:

For ease of use, most warranty claims can be assessed remotely. If a failure occurs, our second-generation line experts will provide an analysis of the damage, allowing us to diagnose the cause of almost any type of failure quickly. Should you prefer, a more detailed analysis of the damage, you may mail your product into PROnetic, at your expense.

Should an issue arise please send us an email with detailed images of the damage, along with an explanation of damages and the original proof of purchase to: info@PROneticrope.com


In the event your product becomes damaged, and is not covered by the Limited 3 Year Warranty, we may be able to repair the product for less than the cost of replacement. Please send a detailed email to info@PROneticrope.com

Terms of Purchase

By Purchasing a PROnetic product, the customer (also referred to as “you”) agrees to the following terms and conditions:  You should regularly clean your product in accordance with our Proper rope care  & safe use guidelines. You should regularly inspect your PROnetic product for signs wear and tear, or damage. No PROnetic product with signs of wear or damage should be used for any purpose. By Purchasing a PROnetic product you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement including the disclaimer of warranty and limitations, you agree to be bound by all terms of the terms and conditions.

Assumption of risk:

YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND THAT:  Vehicle recovery is a dangerous activity involving RISK AND DANGER of serious bodily injury including Death, paralysis, and/or permanent disability. These risks and dangers may be cause by either your action or inaction, others action or inaction during a vehicle recovery activity or any other activity associated with the recovery process, or process involving heavy loads.  There may be other economical or social risks or damages not known or foreseeably known by the customer at this time. Other risks include property, equipment damage, or damage to the vehicle.  YOU FULLY ASSUME AND ACCEPT ALL RISKS AND RESPONSIBILTIES FOR LOSS, INJURY, OR DAMAGE YOU OCCUR OR MAY OCCURE DURING THE USE OF PRONETICS PRODUCTS. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD PRONETIC BE HELD LIABLE FOR LOSSES, INJURY,  OR DAMAGE THAT MAY OCCUR DURING THE USE OF PRONETIC’S PRODUCTS.

Release and indemnity:

With exception of rights arising by PROnetic’s Limited 3 year Warranty set forth within our warranty terms, customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless PROnetic (In reference and referred to as Apache Offroad Inc. DBA PROnetic) its agents, employees, servants, representatives, & insurers for injuries or property damages, which shall include any and all attorney fees, court costs, or costs associated with the defense of claims of injury, or property damage arising in any way, shape, or form related to this purchase, or use of PROnetic products by the customer. Customer hereby releases and discharges PROnetic of and from any liability, personal injury, claims, or damages caused or allegedly caused by or from the use of PROnetics products, including damaged based on the negligence of PROnetic. Customers, customers agent or users of PROnetics Products agree to not sue PROnetic for any damages, and agrees to hold harmless PROnetic for any litigation expense, attorney fees, incurred cost, liability or loss resulting from such claim, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.

 The terms and conditions of PROnetic product purchases shall be governed and interpreted in accordance of the laws in  TEXAS & THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Any actions to enforce this agreement shall have its venue solely and exclusively in Cooke County, Texas. By Purchasing or using a PROnetic Product the customer or user expressly consents to personal jurisdiction over the customer in the Texas Courts. In the event of litigation arising out of  or to enforce this agreement each party expressnly waives all rights to trial by jury.